The website for LGBTQ+ womxn to be seen, heard, and believed through media.

  • Original Series'

    True representations of LGBTQ+ womxn showcased through documentaries, fiction/non fictional, reality shows surrounding LGBT pop culture, lifestyle, fashion, and more. 

  • LGBTQ+ Womxn Creators

    We want to empower, showcase, and provide a media space where all womxn are not exploited or misrepresented and instead, drive the cultural conversation surrounding how womxn in the LGBT community are perceived by people around the world.

  • Inclusivity & Visibility

    Fluidity matters. LGBTQ+ womxn, non-gender-binary individuals, Them/They/Theirs, She/Her/Hers. We're here for all LGBTQ+ creators and womxn alike.


Every person has a story, regardless of their sexual orientation. These stories are dynamic, powerful, fun, and come in many varieties. The series features LGBTQ+ womxn and straight allies who share stories from their lives providing a first-person perspective on untold stories of the LGBTQ+ community.


Two Best Gay Buddies

Two best gay buddies discuss all things LGBTQ+Pop culture, entertainment news, trends, fashion, and more.


Don't miss a taboo topic.

Join your friendly neighborhood bisexual, Dutchy, as we talk about everything from sex to sexuality and everything in between ~ taboo topics and all.


Our Promise

We want to empower, showcase, and provide a media space where all womxn are not exploited, invalidated, or misrepresented. This is why $2 from every merch purchase is allocated to our Womxns' Creator Grant because we value our commitment & our mission. Writers, content creators, media artists, and anyone LGBTQ+ can apply for funding to help kick start their web series or media project every six months.